Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hi All,

Here is what is happening around here:

Monday the 16th 5 of the 8th graders will be headed to the Science Bowl with Mr. Kissell
PTO meeting the 19th
Spring Clean Up April 20th: MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS BRING RAKES and GLOVES (Spirit Day)
ALSO THE 20th, Ties and Tutus. Some of your kids may be helping out that Friday night.
April 25th we have our field trip. A permission slip will be sent home this week.
April 27th NO SCHOOL

The 8th grade is working on their yearbook. I will be sending home an order form for the yearbook, should be between $18-$23.

The 8th grade is in the beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird. So far they like it, woo hoo! We had to take a break from it this week due to assessments but will start back up Friday.

The 7th grade did some researching on their next book Between Shades of Gray. This novel is about the "forgotten Holocaust" in Russia specifically Siberia. They really enjoyed Night so I think they will like this one too.

The 6th grade is in the beginning chapters of The Outsiders. They seem to really like this book. It is always a favorite of the students. Throughout the rest of the month they will be taking turns giving their how-to speech. I am excited to see them present!

Last week the 7th grade presented to the Union County Development Association. I tried to take a few pictures but I was doing some serious multitasking, so they may not be so great. However, the kids did AWESOME presenting!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

I am so sorry I have fallen behind on my blog posts. March is always crazy with spring break. But here is what is happening...

April 6th and 20th are Spirit Days for this month.
April 20th is an optional sack lunch day. The other option is cook's choice.

April 16th Science Bowl

April 20th is Ties and Tutus: father/daughter dance. The planning committee is already on this.

April 25th we have a middle school field trip to Conception Abbey in Missouri, more information to come.

April 27th NO SCHOOL

In language arts:
The 6th grade finished their first novel, "The Giver". After reading the packet they spent a class doing stations that all revolved around the book. It was very hands on with a lot of discussion. I think the kids had a lot of fun too. Their next novel is "The Outsiders" which they start tomorrow.

Mrs. Simmons even participated by trying to "see beyond".

The 8th grade started my favorite book today, "To Kill a Mockingbird". To get prepared for that they played bananagrams with chapters 1 and 2 vocabulary. This book fuels so much discussion, it's the best!!

The 7th grade has been hard at work on their Shark Tank projects. They are partnered up, some are by themselves, and created a business plan to bring to Creston. They are making presentations to present in front of the Union County Development Association. They will present on Friday. The presentations look great so far! There are a lot of neat ideas that would make Creston stand out!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

8th grade parents,
 The link below will take you to the sign up for conferences.

Please let me know if you are unable to make it or need to sign up for a different day due to vacations. I am flexible. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We are still accepting donations for the Auction basket. The Auction is March 3rd. Buy your tickets today! The 8th grade silent item is finished and it looks AWESOME!!

Friday the 23rd is a Spirit Day.

Wednesday the 28th the students will be listening to Scott Boyle at 1:00.

March 12th is when the 8th grade will get a visit from the high school counselors about their schedule. We will review their schedule and go over any questions you have at conferences.

March 15th: conferences!

March 16th-23rd Spring Break

Monday, February 12, 2018

Parents, get ready for picture overload. 
A few things first. 
OUR BASKET THEME IS "CITY ESCAPE" FOR THE AUCTION. (Could be Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City, wherever) Items could be tickets to a movie, baseball game, or museum. Gift cards could be good too, to restaurants, gas cards, stores, etc... I will be sending home a letter this week. 

Tuesday the 13th of February is when we will have our Valentine's Day party due to Ash Wednesday. 
We DO HAVE school on February 14th, however there will be no buses. 
PTO meeting the 15th at 6:00. 
Spirit Day the 23rd. 

The middle school has been busy with various projects over poetry and myths and legends. So, I took a few pictures to show you. 

 The 8th grade made poetry books. They wrote a total of 6 poems. These will be in their conference folders. I highly recommend you read your child's poetry book. They are so above and beyond 8th grade, it's AMAZING!!

 They learned about epic poetry, so they analyzed the longest epic poem- "Beowulf". I broke the chapters down so it wouldn't be as long or daunting. They had to find figurative language, dialogue, setting, supernatural beings, etc... Mallory drew Beowulf fighting off a dragon. Pretty cool, huh!?

The 6th grade made haiku tunnels. These will also be in conference folders. They had to write a three line poem only consisting of 17 syllables about nature. These are always fun to do. 

   The 7th grade was learning about legends so they made a 3D legend pop up book. This picture is the front covers and the above picture is of the actual popups some of the kids made. Below are their gods and goddesses report and then their tall tale galoots. 

We had an awesome Catholic Schools Week! It was so much fun especially since we added a new, fun day: Tourist Tuesday. The movie Wonder was such a tear jerker but worth it. 

 Miss Steinkamp and Miss McKasson's Advent/Lenten Angels getting ready to play some minute-to-win-it games.

 Look how calm they look. :) 

 I got a lot of compliments from Chamber members on how well spoken and polite these kiddos were. :) 

 I just had to get Brenton in there with his "walker". :)