Hi Parents,

Tomorrow a video will post to all of the students saying ALL assignments will be due May 25th at 8 am. That is current assignments and late assignments. We will allow all late assignments up until that time. I have sent out weekly emails to kids who are missing assignments. You can also check on PowerSchool. A zero or an orange box indicates a missing assignment.

This is our LAST WEEK!! Hang in there!!

Next week at the textbook drop off/locker items pick up, please bring any library books or classroom books your kids may have borrowed from the school.
Hi Parents,
 Here is what we are doing this week.

6th grade: They are focusing on persuasion. So they are going to watch a video, read some persuasion articles, and write their own persuasion paragraph. This week they do not have to share anything with me. Everything should be done right there on the slide! So hopefully that will be a little easier for the kiddos.

7th grade: They are continuing to read. This week their break will be them doing some research on people mentioned within the chapters like Medgar Evers and connecting it to the book.

8th grade: The 8th grade will be focusing on autobiographies and biographies. They too are just sticking with slides to help ease some of the load. These slides just let them type right on the slide and I can monitor their progress on them.
Hi parents!

First week of mandatory online learning was a doozy. I totally understand that getting your kids to do schoolwork is like herding cats. I feel your pain, but we are in this together! There were differently bumps in the road last week. Hopefully the weeks to come will be a little smoother.

8th grade: The 8th grade is working on characterization with a spooky, not so spooky, story. They are also going to work on their writing skills by rewriting the ending of the story. I have noticed in the last few weeks they are getting a little careless with their writing so hopefully they step it up with this assignment. They also have a grammar lesson on NoRedInk.

7th grade: The 7th grade is continuing to read "The Help". They are focusing on a couple of literary devices this week and making their own comprehension questions. They are taking a break from reading one day this week to take a virtual tour of the Civil Rights Movement to connect it to our book. Hopefully they lik…
 As of 8 o'clock tonight, my lessons for the first week of mandatory distance learning posted on Google Classroom. I have invited all of you to join the class on Google Classroom, but there seems to be some sort of problem for some parents. If you could, just go through your child to see the detailed weekly lessons.

For the 6th grade, we are going to be working on informative text and information. There are several standards they will be achieving in this mini-lesson. They are going to read some informative text, take a virtual tour and take notes, do a little research, then make an informative slide presentation. The presentation will also have a slide where they will cite their sources which will achieve their citation standard.

The 7th grade will continue reading "The Help". I shared an ELA digital distance learning slide with them that they can interactively write on that touches on a lot of literary terms and standards. They will also continue to do compreh…
The Hunger Games Escape Room
The 8th grade had to do several activities related to their novel in order to “escape” the room. Luckily everyone did. This novel was so much fun to read and I think everyone really enjoyed it!

The kids also had fun at the Capitol. They said they learned a lot!

 I am still missing a few of you for conferences. Here is the link again just as a reminder.

Dates to keep in mind:
On Thursday the 5th the middle school will have a spirit day since on Friday they will be on a field trip.
Friday the 6th we are going to the Civics Center. Students need a sack lunch--please no meat as it is Friday.
March 12th: Conferences and a 3 hour early out-lunch will NOT be served.
Spring break: Starts the 13th. Classes resume March 23.

Hi parents!
This week the 8th grade went to SWCC for career day. I think they all really enjoyed the tour and were surprised at what SWCC can offer them in high school and after. I took a few pictures, of course, so enjoy!

Dates to remember:
Feb. 26- Ash Wednesday
Feb. 28- Middle school field trip to the Capitol
Feb. 29- AUCTION!!

Don't forget to sign up for conferences. The link is below this post or I sent an email out to all parents...hopefully.

 SWCC added a new criminal justice program. 

 Changing tires race

 The girls won the race!!!