Thursday, December 7, 2017

Heads up...

 Tomorrow the 8th we will be having Mass. Also students are to bring change for the noisy can collection. The money collected will be for our school adopt-a-family.

Also, the school is collecting items for our local food pantry. Students are asked to bring kleenex, toilet paper, tooth paste, and canned food items by next Friday the 15th.

We have winners for the Christmas door decorating contest! Be looking on Facebook in the next couple of days for the winners' picture.
First place goes to Keely Coen.
Second place goes to McCoy Haines and Abby Tallmon.
Third places goes to Kolbey Bailey and Reese Glynn.

Thank you to all the parents allowing their child to bring items to decorate and money to vote!

6th Grade: The 6th grade will be acting out two plays on Monday. I will try to tape them and post them onto my blog, but I am not making any promises they will actually load! After that they will move onto their poetry unit.

7th Grade just finished analyzing "The Charge of the Light Brigade", one of my favorite poems! They are going to be working on a narrative project tomorrow and next week.

8th Grade is working on a poet presentation. They all picked a poet and will present on him/her on Monday. Their debate was this week and they did FABULOUS!

I will be posting next week of important dates and events for Christmas, so stay tuned!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas is almost here! Can you believe it? My room is aglow with the Christmas spirit. :)

Dates to remember:
December 5th: Students are judging the Civics Club Christmas doors. Students are to bring $1 to vote on the doors. The money goes towards a family in need for Christmas.
December 6th: Christmas Concert at the High School
Geography Bee Finals are December 20th.
December 22nd: NO SCHOOL and the start of CHRISTMAS BREAK!
St. Malachy Trivia Night January 20th. Tables are limited so reserve your table now!

Here is what is happening in language arts...

The 8th grade just took their theme unit 4 test today. Monday they are going to give a formal debate. They picked the topic of: cell phones should be used in the classroom. The debate is a substitute for a written essay. Plus they get to practice their presenting skills.
Next week they will start in on poetry, just like the other classes.

The 7th grade start their poetry unit this week as well. Today they worked on lyric poems and analyzed different songs. Yesterday they wrote a free verse poem. From what I have read so far they are pretty good!

The 6th grade is doing a mini unit on imagery, mood, and style. I am hoping this mini unit helps them with sentence structure and describing details rather than stating details. After this little unit they too will move onto poetry.

For every grade I take the week before Christmas off and we focus our attention on Christmas. Don't worry, it is all educational and within Common Core.
The 6th grade will be reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". One day we have a Who-balation that is filled with literary games that I create. It's a lot of fun and pictures will be posted!
The 7th grade reads "A Christmas Carol", the play version. We do some fun activities with this one as well.
I am in in limbo about the 8th grade. I had a revelation last night when I was watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. I think we may read that story and compare it to the Bible focusing on the birth of Jesus. It should be interesting but I am excited to try something new and creative while focusing on the real reason for CHRISTmas.

Friday, November 17, 2017

8th grade parents, 

 T.J. and Nate's lunch is on Monday. The 8th grade would like to wear pink and yellow in their honor if you could remind them. 

Also, the money for class shirts are due on Tuesday. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 
The 6th grade read Scout's Honor which was about three New York boys setting off on a camping trip with zero experience and not a lot of camping gear. I made stations to accompany the story. Here are a few pictures...

This group needs to discuss and compromise on bringing only two resources with them into the wilderness to survive. After they decide, they had to write a reasoning to support their choice. 

This group had a tub of materials and their job was to build a shelter they could use for when they are in the wilderness. 

In our story Scout's Honor the boys had to use a compass and use a map to find their camping spot. So, these kids are coordinating cities to go along with the story. 

I made a game with comprehension questions and literary terms mixed with a few camping accidents. Some of the spaces they had to answer questions, some of the other squares they might have been attacked by a bear and had to go back to start. 

This group had to pick a biome and read information about it online. Based off what they read regarding what food, plants, and landscape was found in their biome they had to write a mini story on how they would survive in that habitat and then they drew a picture of themselves roughing it. 

Our objective this unit is theme. I wrote the theme of Scout's Honor on posters and the groups had to graffiti it with symbols, pictures, and examples from the story that supported the theme. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

8th Grade Parents, 
 Heads up! Your child SHOULD be bringing home some information on their class shirt. Throughout the years I have noticed the 8th grade is not so good at bringing home information so... They picked a really neat blue tie-dye shirt. They will have the St. Malachy logo on the front with their name and graduating year on the back. Every year the 8th grade designs a class shirt and we wear them on special occasions such as field trips or the last day of school. They are only $18! If you would like your child to have one, please send money by November 21st. Checks can be made out to Lora Pellman. Thanks! 

Dates to keep in mind: 
November 17th is the end of the trimester. 
Wednesday the 22nd through the 24th we do not have school in honor of Thanksgiving. 

8th Grade:
In honor of The Day of the Dead, the 8th grade made sugar skulls! Actually we used plaster and painted them, but they turned out really neat! 

We also learned about Picasso and cubism. They picked their favorite cartoon character and redesigned them so they would fit into the cubism category. I think they turned out quite well! 

7th Grade:
They are in the process of writing their first essay of the year. Their focus is on three symbols within the play I Never Saw Another Butterfly that connects to the theme of "even in darkness light can be created".
In between writing their essay, they are reading a really interesting story titled Button, Button by Richard Matheson. We are focusing on how a character's actions and dialogue can give the readers a hint of what the overall theme is of the story. I am pretty excited for them to read that today! Tomorrow they will be doing activities based around the story. 

6th Grade: 
They just finished reading The Stone. Today they will be reading a short story called Scout's Honor. Tomorrow they will be doing stations that focus on different literary and cross curriculum activities that are based around Scout's Honor which is about three friends embarking on a camping trip. It should be pretty fun and I will remind myself to take pictures!  

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the middle school will be painting pumpkins in the morning. At 2:30 the annual Halloween parade will begin.

Wednesday the kids will need to bring a sack lunch, but breakfast will be served. Wednesday is also the 8th grade Mass.

Thursday is a three hour dismissal. Conferences will be from 1 until 9.

There will be no school on Friday.

November 9th is STEM night. It sounds like there are quite a few demonstrations.

November 10th is a Spirit Day.

I think that's all for now.

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hi all,

 Reminder that Saturday is the St. Malachy Vendor Fair. Middle School students have been volunteering to work, but we encourage ALL middle schoolers to bake an item for our bake sale at the vendor fair.

Tuesday we will have the annual Halloween parade at 2:30. We are also having the middle school pumpkin painting contest in the morning. Please have your child bring a pumpkin for Tuesday.

November 1st will be the 8th grade's Mass for All Saints Day.

November 2nd there will be a 3 hour early dismissal due to conferences. Also note there will not be school on November 3rd.

Side note... Each teacher picked a saint for their classroom. The 8th grade's saint is St. Jude. Tomorrow is Jude's feast day, so I have asked all of the 8th grade to wear something green in his honor. We will celebrate his feast day during study hall by making cards for children in the hospital.

6th grade: The 6th grade wrapped up their first ever essay for me last week. I just put them in the grade book tonight. I am quite please with the progress they are making in their writing skills. We are taking a week time out from our textbook for Halloween. The class is reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", the adapted version. They are doing various activities, still within Common Core and state standards of course, until Halloween. After, they will be getting ready for their second unit exam.

7th grade: The 7th grade also wrapped up their first essay of the year last week. They are a tad a head of the 6th grade and got in their second unit test last week. They wrote characterization poems over a Halloween character late last week. They were to describe their character without actually saying who or what it is. I must say, they are pretty darn good. I have included two pictures of George's and Bridget's. ALL of them were so creative. Their Halloween story was "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, my favorite author!

8th Grade: The 8th grade finished their unit 3 exam. They moved into Halloween week by reading "The Cask of Amontialldo". They all seemed to have liked it. We will continue to do various activities with the story tomorrow and Monday.
The class also started a new project for class meeting. I made a game of life where they picked a card stating their career and how many children they would have. Based off their income and the amount of children they have, they have to find a car and a house to buy by next week. We will start working on monthly budgets so they can grasp how expensive it is to be an adult and why education is so important. Some of the kids willingly married each other to have a greater income. :) :)